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These are temporary hours, and are in effect as of 08/08/2022


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Now serving variety of sweets, cakes and pastry. We also offer cold drinks, ice cream and variety of coffee using our espresso machine.


Our Story

Napoleon Cake & Bakery used to be a small, family-run business from home. Our focus has always been to bring the quality and taste of homemade desserts, where everything is made from scratch and with all natural ingredients, to all of you. We’ve dedicated our efforts to finally making something big for all of you out of it. Thus, we present to you our bakery. Additionally, while many know Roscoe Bakery as a place for large custom cakes, and making such cakes is something we have recently started to work on, we plan to start with smaller projects as we are new to fondant. Nevertheless, please give us a call to see if we can make it happen. We appreciate your patience.


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